We have achieved the MAPI stamp certification (this stands in spanish for High International Brand Potential) in 2017

The “High International Brand Potential” stamp (MAPI) only certifies the most dynamic and competitive Spanish companies, recognizing the brand potential to grow and have great success at an international level, as well as estimulating these companies so that they implement and mantain expansion strategies considering the brand as the main competitive factor, both at an International level as well as at domestic market level. Besides, the Mapi stamp is a distinguishing element in the market, contributing to a better image of the products and services offered and generating confidence among customers and consumers.
High International Brand Potential Club (MAPI), created by the Renowned Spanish Brands Forum, is a selective club only integrated by companies who bet on the brand as the main competitive factor and on the internationalization as the way to company’s growth.

What is a MAPI company?
To be able to enter MAPI club and obtain their stamp, it is necessary to fill a list of requirements:
1. To have a size and finantial situation which allows internationalization, with an invoicing level between 5 and 50 million euros.
2. To have enough competitive and fame strength within the brand “Spain”, with a business volume in its own brand not lower than a 5% of the total volume.
3. To be already within any of the different internationalization phases, with a minimum international business volumen level of 10%.
Many prestigious companies such as El Corte Ingles, BBVA, Caixabank, Groupo Cortefiel and Aenor, among many others, belong to this group.
At Naturtex, we try to contribuye to strengthen the brand “Spain” Worldwide, putting the maximum care in our products’ quality and going to a lot of effort in offering the best service to our international and national customers.
During last years, Naturtex has been betting clearly on an expansion strategy of the brand in important international markets such as US, Japan or Middle East, among others.
For that purpose we collaborate with the most prestigious international designers, architects and interior designers, working hand in hand in the highest level decorative and construction projects. We invite you to have a look to some of them through our website:
Since we started, more than 20 years ago, at Naturtex we bet on our own corporate philosophy, which could be summarized in: What if we try this...? Why don’t we experiment…?
That’s our premise. At Naturtex we always have this challenge in mind and we are always thinking, which new materials to use, or how to use them to implement them in new products, new projects, and basically looking for new interesting challenges that make us grow.

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