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Rugs created from multiple materials, colours and textures, combinations... They are organized in four different styles: Elegance, Mediterranean, Ethnics and Fun.



Sophistication and distinction are found in this collection as most of the products are created to become timeless thanks to their classic contemporaneous look, and to their elegance and sobriety.
These rugs can be a part of our home decoration during several years thanks to their timeless a esthetics and their exquisite fine materials, whether they come in their original form or they how special finishes.

An example?

Barcelona is a herringbone braided rug which displays a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, through the combination of a classic and timeless design. In some of his colors was developed with materials and finish that are inn vative and unusual in a rug, such as polyurethane laminate a striking pearlescent finish (metal colors).



Tradition and nature as inspirational sources transport us to a Mediterranean world, full of calmness, serenity and freshness. Qualities such as simplicity and warmth are highly appreciated. This collection focuses on natural materials shades, and on everything that
can make us feel warm and authentic sensations.


An example?

Nordica is a high quality natural sisal rug which creates a special optical effect. From some angles brighter and darker lines appear in the design to give the rug a contemporaneous look. Also available as a wall to wall carpet.



This collection reflects a world full of other cultures influences, where mixed races and its interpretation become a source of creation for surfaces, objects and atmospheres. The use of natural materials and textures, in their original form is very significant and provide this collection with a very marked identity.



An example?

Mallorca. High quality sisal rug which colours and shades have been inspired by Mallorca island mountains. This rug combines per ectly with any of our borders thanks to its calm and natural look. Naturtex offers custom sizes and borders for this rug.



Objects transport us to a playful and imaginary world, thanks to a happy and colourful look which makes our life a lot more fun and more tempting. These products gain special
prominence in recreational and creative spaces, generating an informal and relaxing climate inside a daily environment.


An example?

Unfinished refresh classic st le. We played by interrumpting the renaissance emembellishment of an iron door in a very subtle and fine manner. This is a ool felt embroidered rug which comes is many daring colours for elegant casual placed. Unfinished is beautiful!


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