Please be aware that the colors shown digitally may slightly differ from the actual product. For this reason, we highly recommend requesting samples before placing an order.

Let your space come alive with A-2164 Fabric, a radiant multicolour delight! Made entirely of 100% Polyamide, this fabric is the canvas for creativity, infused with a burst of colours.

A-2164 is a celebration of vibrancy and versatility. Its multicolour design is a work of art, offering a captivating interplay of shades that can transform any interior. Whether you are aiming for a playful atmosphere or seeking to accentuate a specific design element, this fabric has you covered.

The Polyamide composition ensures A-2164’s strength and resilience, making it an excellent choice for various applications. From upholstery that pops with personality to vibrant draperies and lively home accessories, this fabric adds an energetic touch wherever it’s used.

The multicolour design of A-2164 Fabric opens doors to boundless design possibilities. It’s the perfect choice to infuse life and energy into your space, capturing the essence of your unique style.