Embracing sustainability

Organic & Recycled
Conscious with our environment
Less toxic & Less water

Naturtex is a family company based on three fundamental pillars: craftsmanship, innovation and responsibility. Its origins in the manufacture of sisal bags have allowed Naturtex to evolve towards new production processes combining craftsmanship, innovation and respect for its context, people and environment.

The objective of Naturtex is to continue growing and to do so in a conscious way and betting on change and evolution.


At Naturtex we are committed to collaboration as the axis for the development of our products. Our production process begins by betting on the use of materials and production techniques that respect the environment.

We do not overproduce or generate stock, we act on request and using the materials, resources and energy necessary for each order.

Our trajectory and experience throughout all these years has allowed us to establish strong ties with our suppliers, taking care of the origin of our products as well as the people who make them possible.

Sustainable products and processes

We are determined to join the change and therefore we want you to know which of our products stand out for their sustainability.
From now on, in our catalog we will indicate which products have eco labels, either because of their origin or because of their manufacturing process.

Our labels are:

100% organic
Eco process
Oeko-Tex Yarn
100% recycled

We are glocal

We think globally and act locally.

Naturtex is present in more than 20 countries but our equipment and manufacturing takes place in Crevillente, Alicante, promoting local industry and the economic development of our closest environment.

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